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I am a passionate and committed music professional, with the talent and drive to succeed. Growing up amongst the vibrant and diverse music scene in Columbus Ohio, was an environment full of inspiration and stimulation for my creativity to feed off.

I have experience on stage, and behind the computer, with performing, writing, recording, editing and production of rock n roll, heavy metal, hardcore punk, hip hop, and electronic music.

My musical journey has spanned over 15 years. Starting in the basement of my best friends parents house, Casey Shaw on drums and me on guitar, we formed the still practicing punk rock duo, " The 4Ks". After establishing my love of playing guitar I cofounded and played bass in  the nationally recognized  Columbus band, Attack Attack! I played many shows and got a taste of the industry at the tender age of 16. I would go on to play with local experimental band, Tales of Iscariot. These bands helped shape my distinct musical style which channels metalcore as well as experimental post hardcore emo.

After living in Ohio all my life, at age 18 i moved to Buffalo NY. I found a new appreciation for writing and production, as I teamed up with nationally recognized Niagara Falls artist, Vincenzo Velasco. We wrote many songs together, and learned to perfect the art of writing a catchy song. At this time, I taught myself to record and produce music, with the guidance of professional producers such as Mike Hatalak ( It Dies Today), Ryan Weisner ( True Sound Studios - Buffalo) and Bobby Leonard (Paper Tiger Studios - Columbus).

After many years of going it alone in Atlanta GA, I moved back to Ohio, where I got into production of electronic music, with friend Scott Sommers ( Psyklops) and soon after began my podcasting career with friend and podcasting partner Matt Freeman ( The Statist Quo).

I started this website, as a means to connect people to the work I've done for clients, as well as some ideas i have available as Vacant Tracks. I can provide services such as theme music production, jingles,  podcast editing, voice acting demo reels, and general artist ghost writing services.

Explore my music portfolio and feel free to get in touch with any comments or questions.

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First impressions are everything. Make theirs one to remember, with some rockin' music!

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“Without music, life would be a mistake”

Friedrich Nietzsche


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